The Future of Building Middleware



A middleware platform that enables teams to easily manage and optimize their 3rd party API consumption

The Problem Of Consuming 3rd Party APIs

Performance & Costs

Relying on 3rd party APIs in production means that underperforming APIs will affect the product’s performance as well. In addition, using external APIs can result in exceeding and unexpected costs.

Rate Limits

Rate limits set by the API providers restrict the product’s consumption needs and impact SLA. Furthermore, Companies that consume APIs on behalf of their customers often exhaust their customer’s API quotas.

Lack of Visibility

Production environments rely on third-party APIs, however, companies often overlook tracking their usage over time, or don’t even know they exist (AKA “Shadow APIs”).


Where Lunar Fits In

Lunar’s middleware platform “sits” on top of production, Discovering all 3rd party APIs, but intercepting only the chosen APIs calls, and enforcing the consumption policies defined by the developer. Setting plugins is done without changing code in production.


In Order To Optimize API Consumption, Start With Better Visibility

Gain deeper visibility by understanding the business logic behind your 3rd party API consumption, answering questions such as:

"How does a single tenant consumption affect the rate limits of a 3rd party API?"
"What’s the distribution of a specific key within the body of selected API requests?"
"How do my payment APIs are performing in comparison to each other?"

The Platform’s Built-in Consumption Plugins

Smart Caching

Easily define cache policies and set cache keys according to your business logic, resulting in costs savings and performance improvement

Client-Side Throttling

Throttle your 3rd party API consumption across all APIs and endpoints with built-in capabilities such as rate-limit finder, delayed queues and retry policies

Sub-Token Management

Use the platform’s sub-token management to split your API tokens into sub-tokens that will assigned to differentiate between tenants, services and users when applying policies, or just for the sake of granular visibility.

Custom Plugins

Create your own plugins, bundle plugins flow and simulate their performance before going live into production.


Self-Hosted, Self-Served

Some API behaviors can only be witnessed once going live. Building middleware to manage and optimize consumption shouldn’t be a task that take much of the R&D time and effort when it comes to build and maintenance.


"The moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars"

Lunar is on an cosmic mission to simplify the way R&D build and maintain API middleware, by developing a platform that will enable teams to easily manage and optimize their API consumption

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