AI Gateway’s AI Gateway simplifies managing tokens and controlling traffic for major LLM API providers like OpenAI and Azure AI.

Take AI Traffic Safely to Production

Monitor & Control
Your AI Traffic

Monitor your LLM interactions in real-time. Track API calls, token usage, and prompts sent, allowing you to actively control and optimize your AI traffic for maximum efficiency.

Dynamic Optimization:
Effortlessly Switch LLM Providers

Gain control over LLM provider selection. Define triggers and thresholds to automatically switch between providers based on factors like cost, availability, or desired functionality.

No code changes required

Integrate Lunar's AI Gateway without modifying your existing applications or API calls to LLMs. Our solution seamlessly tunnels traffic for control, allowing you to continue using your preferred LLM provider's

The Most Granular Controls for AI APIs

Define consumption logic with's AI Gateway. Take control of your AI infrastructure with's revolutionary AI Gateway and define custom consumption logic for maximum efficiency AI Gateway Flows Examples

Switch Between Providers

Ensure application resilience with flow-based provider switching. Optimize costs and guarantee high availability. Define fallbacks, and handles the rest.

Client-Side Rate Limits
and Traffic Orchestration

Prioritize and Regulate API Traffic. Assign flows to client-side rate limits and prioritize traffic based on tenant, environment, or service. Manage quotas with precision, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Don’t Let Anyone Limit Your Rate

Traditional API Gateways were simply not built for handling AI calls and outgoing traffic.'s makes it easy to manage egress traffic and build complex policy flows.

Questions about API
Consumption Management?

Talk to our team of experts today and get real time recommendations about leveling up your architecture to the modern tech stack and scale requirements.

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