March update: All-new UI, Early beta access

March update: All-new UI, Early beta access

Unveiling the Lunar Control Plane in our March update, brings a powerful self-serve UI, offering early beta access for seamless API consumption management. Dive into the key features, including real-time insights, faster implementation, and user-friendly account settings. Join the early beta users and be a part of shaping the future of! Team Team

March 8, 2024

Release Notes

We’re excited to announce that after much work (shout out to our product team!),’’s powerful open-source gets its self-serve UI with the Lunar Control Plane.

Explore the key updates below and apply to secure early access .

(If you can’t wait to try it yourself - sign up here for early access)

Lunar Control Plane: Understand your API consumption in a glance 

Discover the Lunar Control Plane, your new go-to hub for managing your API consumption. Gain quick insights into API usage, easily track call metrics, identify and troubleshoot endpoints, and explore status code distribution. Dive deeper with our video walkthrough here.

In this current version you can track:

  • Total API calls
  • Check error rate for anomalies 
  • Avg. runtime per API to keep latency optimized
  • Status code distribution to see all your 2xx,4xx, 5xx and others. 
  • Drill down to further explore each API functionality, endpoints performance and more.

Faster implementation 

Install Lunar API Egress controller and Lunar Interceptors with ease.

We've added a simple, interactive step-by-step installation process to both the Lunar API Egress controller and Lunar interceptors directly from the Control Plane. 

Now, instead of going through all the documentation and manual installations - in just a few clicks - you can get a full view of your API’s performance and status.

Installing the Lunar Interceptor via a button

Username & Password settings

Yes, we know it’s not an exciting feature to announce, but every developer out there knows that it’s an emotional milestone to have once people can properly self-sign up and manage their account. So this is it!  

Change username and password

Get your early-beta access

We’re now starting to roll-out access to our first users into the new interface. Become an early beta user and help shape the future of

An example Lunar Control Plane dashboard

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