The Egress API-proxy and Management Platform Built for 3rd Party APIs simplifies and centralizes 3rd Party API management  at scale. Used by engineering leaders and architects, it's easily configurable from the IDE or CLI and designed to monitor and troubleshoot  without  writing new code.

API Providers

Enable tunneling for your entire API ecosystem effortlessly with support for all providers—no connectors or code modifications required.

& Policies

The Lunar proxy applies real-time policies to optimize your API integrations seamlessly.


Capture and analyze selective API traffic across environments like Kubernetes or serverless frameworks. Deploy as many interceptors as needed.

Full visibility of
3rd party APIs

Whether consuming APIs in large volumes or consuming on behalf of your clients, centralize the management of your 3rd party APIs with a complete inventory.

Get endpoints to monitor volume, performance metrics, and error rates - everything you need to get the full picture.

Visualize and
the data

Lunar will both pinpoint the problem and suggest an optimal plugin solution. Visualize your data where you want it - whether with Grafana, DataDog, Prometheus, or NewRelic.

Complex Orchestration
and Quota Management

Utilize's template policy-plugins - a straightforward configuration, to remediate  complex consumption problems across services  or create your own custom policy-plugins.

Most-used Policy-plugins for Scaling API Consumption will not be your single point of failure and has a failsafe mechanisms
so that your traffic is never jeopardized no matter what.

Quota Management

Get granular quota management controls that can be assigned by service, environment or tenant. Prioritize services per business logic, store securely and mask API tokens. also covers API tokens rotation.


Efficiently and quickly define a cache policy based on headers and body parameters. By inspecting and aggregating the full payload of an API call, and aggregating metrics, Lunar will share insight on what is cacheable.

PII Removal

Obfuscate selected fields from PII from both request and response to make sure you stay compliant.

Retry and Throttling

Maximize your successful responses. Handle rate limits in advance and reduce 429s and unnecessary errors by applying throttling,  delayed queues and retry policies.

Use with your stack

A seamless integration using a single line of code installation, with Lunar’s SDK agent, eBPF agent or
Envoy Proxy; Get Lunar with your existing tech stack. Currently supporting Java, TypeScript, and Python.

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