World-Class API Consumption Gateway simplifies and centralizes 3rd Party API management  at scale.


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API Providers

Enable tunneling for your entire API ecosystem effortlessly with support for all providers—no connectors or code modifications required.

& Policies

The Lunar proxy applies real-time policies to optimize your API integrations seamlessly.


Capture and analyze selective API traffic across environments like Kubernetes or serverless frameworks. Deploy as many interceptors as needed.

Full visibility of
3rd party APIs

Whether consuming APIs in large volumes or consuming on behalf of your clients, centralize the management of your 3rd party APIs with a complete inventory.

Get endpoints to monitor volume, performance metrics, and error rates - everything you need to get the full picture.

Visualize and
the data's control plane will both pinpoint the problem and suggest an optimal solution flow. Easily integrate with libraries or proxies and get the data where you want it..

Enable Advanced Flows
and Controls For Every API

Utilize's pre-made policy flows to remediate  complex consumption problems across services including workload management, caching, quota management, and concurrency control.

Enabling Advanced API Control

Make Your API Calls Flow's ready made flows are designed for complex caching, rate limiting, and prioritizing end to end. Whether it's no-code or custum, ensures the seamless flow.

Client-Side Rate Limits and Traffic Orchestration

Prioritize and Regulate API Traffic. Assign flows to client-side rate limits and prioritize traffic based on tenant, environment, or service. Manage quotas with precision, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Enable Smart Caching

Get cost controls and define cache keys with granular control, leveraging headers, body parameters, and even custom logic. Strategically cache data based on your specific business needs. analyzes your API usage and provides caching insights.

Switch Between Providers

Ensure application resilience with flow-based provider switching. Optimize costs and guarantee high availability. Define fallbacks, and handles the rest.

Consume with Confidence works with your existing stack and infrastructure. Multiple integration options for  traffic controls: SDK or by headers. Supporting Java, TypeScript, and Python.

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