6 Months of Building Lunar May 2023

6 Months of Building Lunar May 2023

6 Months of building Lunar. We're striving to create a stellar product, and we're here to share the journey.

Eyal Solomon, Co-Founder & CEO

Eyal Solomon, Co-Founder & CEO

May 20, 2023


6 Months of Building Lunar - May 2023

Updates on the Lunar Mission:

  • We’re now 6 months into building. We’re working out of our offices in Tel Aviv, Lunar is now 8 people and 2 office dogs strong 💪
  • We just hit a big milestone; having now talked to +100 tech leaders from a wide range of companies. We’re happy to share Lunar is en route to saving some planets with new early design partners 🪐
  • Lunar is going OSS in T-2 Months! Stay tuned 🎧

Product updates

  • Obfuscation by design - to address many of our design partners' needs in terms of compliance, we're obfuscating every PII in the API calls wired via the Lunar proxy.
  • Plug-in configuration - Adding a new plug-in is now just a matter of seconds, by configuring all supported plug-ins via a simple YAML file.
  • Available integrations - eBPF interceptor and additional integrations (on top of DataDog and Grafana) are in the baking process.
  • New modular plug-ins available - we’re solving deep rate limit issues elegantly. Here’s what’s available:

Hard stop throttling - the user can define the exact threshold when actively the next API call will be throttled. See before and after Lunar Plug-in below:

API Accounts Orchestration - define the rotation of multiple API accounts to the same API provider in order to increase the overall consumption quota. See before and after Lunar Plug-in below:

API calls Auto-retry - define the retry logic once hitting the rate limit.

API cool-down handler - instead of reaching exponential back-off,  this Lunar plugin holds a state for the cool-down time by the API provider, and enforces making the next API call only when available to be processed.

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