From with Love | Nov. Release 2023‍

From with Love | Nov. Release 2023‍

Eyal Solomon, Co-Founder & CEO

Eyal Solomon, Co-Founder & CEO


Hello, Lunar Community!

Since our soft launch back in June, we’ve made significant strides. is not only gaining momentum with new design partners but has also embraced the open-source ethos. We're dedicated to enhancing our community features and invite you all to partake in this journey.

We're also out of stealth! Read more about it on TechCrunch.

What’s New:

  • Load Balancing Policy: This feature addresses a common challenge: balancing API traffic across various consumers. It ensures equitable API usage and prepares for dynamic quota balancing in future updates.

  • Remedy Chaining: Dive deeper into the Lunar system's capabilities with the new remedy chaining feature. This allows for sequential policy execution to tailor API management flows to your business logic.

  • Smart Caching Policy: Our enhanced caching policy offers granular control over cache keys, TTL, payload sizes, and storage limits. Check out the improvements and how they can streamline your API efficiency.

  • Retry Policy: Mitigate failed requests by implementing custom retry logic, ensuring your API calls have the best chance of success.

  • Authentication Handling: Security is paramount. Our new authentication handling policy dynamically manages authentication requests, safeguarding sensitive data without client-side exposure.


  • Sandbox Scenarios: We’ve created the sandbox on our website to simulate real-life API management issues and solutions, with no installation required. The sandbox illustrates different problematic API real-life scenarios. 

  • Experience how quota allocation, global throttling management, and strategy-based throttling feels like directly from your browser.


  • Open Source and Open Beta: is now open for every developer. We’ve crafted our platform with feedback from our design partners, and it's ready for you to control and optimize your API usage.
  • Seed Funding Milestone: We're out of stealth mode and have secured $6M in seed funding. This investment empowers us to expand our team, enhance our product, and develop a managed version of

Product Announcements:

SaaS Version MVP: Addressing the complexities of scaling API traffic, our upcoming managed version will offer autoscaling, load balancing, redundancy, failover capabilities, and more.

New User Interface (UI): While we love the command-line, we hear your requests for a UI. We're developing a user-friendly interface for visualizing and sharing policies.


We’re growing and looking for passionate individuals to join our journey.

If you’re interested in shaping the future of API management, explore our open positions: for Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, and DevRel. Reach out to us at

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Thank you for your continued support.

Let’s reach new heights together!

Eyal Solomon

Co-Founder & CEO,

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